Improve the Accuracy of
Dose Escalation Studies with ADDPLAN®DF

Making an accurate estimation of maximum target dose during a Phase I drug trial is critical to minimize any safety and efficacy issues that could lead to late phase clinical trial failures. This is especially true in oncology studies, where Phase II attrition rates are among the highest. Inaccurate dose selection in Phase I can put a ceiling on drug efficacy in all subsequent phases, potentially dooming a good drug, or exposing patients to needlessly high and harmful doses.


ADDPLAN DF software addresses this problem by using proprietary statistical methodologies to prevent under- and over-estimation of the maximum target dose during Phase I dose escalation trials. It is a validated platform for simulating and comparing the most widely used dose escalation designs, without the need for intensive programming. Drug developers can now simulate and compare different approaches, including 3+3, mTPI, classical CRM, and Bayesian logistic regression with overdose control, a modified CRM approach. With ADDPLAN DF, statisticians can easily compare the impact of various dose-response assumptions, dose selection rules, and stopping rules to choose the most appropriate dose escalation study design.

To learn more about how ADDPLAN DF can help resolve dose-related drug failures, download the White Paper today.

Aptiv Solutions ADDPLAN DF Dose Escalation White Paper

To learn how ADDPLAN DF can help to design more accurate dose escalation studies, download the white paper today!