Increase the Value of Your
Early Phase Assets with ADDPLAN®DF

Optimize Phase 2 Development to Increase Phase 3 Success through Effective Dose Selection

Don’t let poor dose selection be the downfall of your drug development program. With adaptive analysis and ADDPLAN DF modeling software, you can optimize Phase 2 development, enhance the value of your early phase drug assets, and increase the probability of success in Phase 3. Our adaptive experts share their insight in a new white paper:


ADDPLAN DF: An Advanced Tool for Optimizing Dose Selection in Exploratory Drug Development.

In this white paper, you will:

  • Learn the critical importance of optimizing Phase 2 dose finding trials to ensure better Phase 3 outcomes.
  • Explore the benefits of validated ADDPLAN DF software which combines Multiple Comparison Procedures with Modeling (MCP-MOD)­­ — the dose selection methodolgy developed by leading industry experts.
  • Understand the statistics behind the methodology and its impact on Phase 2 decision-making.

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Aptiv Solutions ADDPLAN DF White Paper

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