Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials Summit

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Adaptive Designs in Clinical Trials Summit

September 18, 2013
Boston, MA
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Aptiv Solutions will be:

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Options to Drive Efficiencies in Clinical Drug Development
A one day intensive workshop on developing and implementing adaptive trial designs to improve critical decision-making in a way that maintains the validity and integrity of the trial.

Attendees can expect to walk away with an understanding of how adaptive trial designs can:

  • Reduce costs and time-lines to deliver clinical development efficiency
  • Enhance critical decision-making to drive productivity
  • Effectively manage portfolio risk
  • Increase the success rate and value of products in a late stage portfolio

The program opens with Kenneth Getz, MBA, Director, Sponsored Research, Tufts, CSDD, and kicks off with a session on Achieving Protocol Optimization & Simplification. The program continues with sessions on:

  • Industry Regulatory Viewpoints
  • Product Development Decision-Making
  • Overcoming Barriers to the Adoption of Adaptive Designs
  • The Role of Sophisticated Adaptive Designs and How to Approach Them and The Importance of Independent Data Monitoring Committees.

The program concludes with a panel discussion on Combining Adaptive Designs with Industry Initiatives.

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