SAS Programming Services

SAS Programming Services

SAS® (Statistical Analysis System®) is an integrated system of software products, provided by SAS Institute Inc. ( Originally designed as a computing tool for statisticians, it has evolved and improved to support not only statistical analysis, but also data management, data mining, data warehousing, business planning, quality improvement, and web intelligence.

SAS is the preferred statistical software program in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industries; it is used to produce the majority of tables, listings, graphs and other analyses to support FDA submissions. Since SAS is used by the FDA, the reports produced using SAS are not questioned insofar as validation is concerned.

Aptiv Solutions provides the following SAS programming services:


Generation of Tables, Listings, and Figures (TLF) from Derived Data Sets

We can create and format these outputs in accordance with FDA standards. Send us your statistical analysis plan (SAP) and your derived data sets in SAS format (or in any other format) and we will provide you with high-quality TLF in a timely manner, ready for inclusion in your regulatory submission’s Integrated Summary of Safety/Efficacy (ISS/ISE).

Generation of TLF for inclusion in books, journals, manuscripts, or web publications

By seamlessly integrating various SAS ODS (Output Delivery System) facilities, Microsoft products, and other software technologies, Aptiv Solutions can customize these outputs to produce PowerPoint presentations, Latex files or DocBook documents as may be required by publishing companies or scientific journals.

Derivation of Datasets and Generation of TLF

Provide us with your raw data sets in SAS or any other format. We can convert them to derived data sets and complete the production of sophisticated TLF according to your SAP, all in FDA standard format.

Conversion of Raw or Derived Data Sets into CDISC-compliant Format

Send us your raw or derived data sets and we can convert them applying the most rigorous CDISC standards. Whether you have new data or a legacy database, we can transform your data to meet the most exacting of standards – CDISC – providing you with the highest quality TLF in the most FDA-friendly formats. (CDISC stands for Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium and represents the highest industry standard for clinical data formatting, data derivation, data presentation.)

Why choose Aptiv Solutions for your programming needs?

  • Highly skilled, efficient programmers create accurate and well planned programming upfront, minimizing the need for downstream fixes.
  • Highest quality programming with robust quality control processes under our own ISO quality system – Aptiv Solutions understands all industry best practices, regulations, and standards.
  • Responsive team approach – you can communicate directly with the people working on your project.
  • Agile and available, with short turnaround times – we work to meet your deadlines.